Piece of the Puzzle

by Anna Smith

Well, it looks like we're on the move!! After a year and a half of trying to find the right buyers for our house, and the right area, house, school...it's finally falling into place and we have just a week or so left in our family home of 12 years! 


Father Christmas and Fairy Tales

by Anna Smith

Hello everyone, thanks for reading! Hope this blog finds you well. It was great to be at the Indian Shine conference with the beautiful Norling girls - thank you for having me! From feeding projects to palatial dining in Saris, it was an amazing time with amazing people!

Santa is coming.

Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off to school we go!

by Anna Smith

Welcome to a new start everyone! How's your summer been? What's your news?  Well my news is... we still haven't moved! If I'm honest, I'm confused to know why we haven't, but feeling real peace. I'm not really concerned with the bigger picture, I'm just enjoying the journey..I want to enjoy today, none of us know what tomorrow holds!  The summer has been great, one of my highlights was a week with the family at Focus camp and all the HTB churches. I loved seeing the children fly and hearing all their stories of what God's doing with them, and I always love hanging out with people and getting to know new friends.