God’s Great Dance Floor EP4

by Martin Smith

As 2010 began, I had no idea I would write another song or make another record again. I felt deep down I wanted to but I wasn’t sure if I had anything to say.


Jesus Culture and Me

by Martin Smith

Almost to the day, 3 years ago I walked off the stage at Hammersmith Apollo, London. I walked into the unknown of life without Delirious? Out of the ocean liner so full of passion and community into a small rowing boat with my wife Anna and our 6 children.

Martin in New York with Jesus Culture

In The Studio This Week…

by Martin Smith

It's been an incredible team. Trevor Michael has been engineering, running Pro Tools getting great sounds. Trev was on the road for years with Delirious doing sound. A very humble and patient man. Things change every day in the studio so you need someone who can be flexible and run with it. I've never heard him complain about anything apart from his Guiness being warm!

The God's Great Dance Floor studio team. Martin Smith, Jonny Bird, Trevor Michael and Jake Isaac